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Printer reports - is a program for reception of the reports about use of the network printer.
Version 1.02
   size: 260 Kbt  Fit the bugs. Update interface.
Version 1.00
   size: 259 Kbt  The first release of program.

If at you is used network printers, on witch a lot of information is deduced, it is meaningful conduct the account of use of this resource. With the help of this program you can easily see, ho and how many time printed on it, what volume of the information deduced on a seal and how many thus used papers.

All these data registered on server of the printer at any reference to it, whether it be managing signals, or conclusion of the documents to a seal. Server of the network printer registers them in a special database and list of such messages simply very large.

To see all this list of the messages and to allocate the necessary information manually, the some vast patience and effort is necessary. Printer reports carries out this work automatically and easily counts up all statistics messages.

In the program it is possible conduct the account not simply under the names of network computers using the printer but also to define these users in working groups, that further to receive statistics not only on the users, but also on groups of the users.

The reports in the program are possible are to create of several types – by the report on the separate user, on group on the users or for the concrete period of time.

If you have problems under the account of an expenditure of a paper on the network printer, this program – for you. Here all is fast and is evident is counted up…



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