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  • Version 2.14 beta 2new
    02/12/2013 size: 2,39 Mbt Update of the program.
      New features, updating of design, help file, filter of files and others. Fixed bugs of 2.14 beta
  • Version 2.14 beta
    01/12/2011 size: 2,31 Mbt Update of the program.
      New feature. Support Unicode for name of files. New feature. Print statistics on the printer. Print preview. New feature. Statistic for top 100 biggest files for specified folder. Fixed bugs.
  • Version 2.13 beta
    10/27/2009 size: 1,27 Mbt Update of the program.
      New feature. File masks and Ignore list are replaced by the Lists of Include / Exclude. Both lists support masks of files/ folders. Fixed bug. Some files and folders with unknown symbols ('?') invisible for program. Now if the long file name contains such symbols the program use short name of the file/folders. Fixed bug. Wrong determining of the file size if file has size bigger than 2Gb. Statistic page fixed. Fixed bug. The option "Create a new file with name: FileName_Number.extension" disabled for "Copy" mode. Now available.
  • Version 2.12
    09/07/2009 size: 1,25 Mbt Fit the bugs.
      Update. Section "FAQ" has been updated in the help file of the program. Removed feature. The "Action Editor" does not starts Service if user to minimize the program to the tray. After closing "Action Editor" the Service started by default. Removed feature. Menu "Service" has been removed from the main menu of the "Action Editor". Removed feature. Menu "Start Service" and "Stop Service" have been removed from the tray menu. Fixed bug. The files cannot be restored - the button Mark/Unmark does not work. Fixed bug. Warning icon does not fit status of "Save subfolders structure" options if user creates a new Task.
  • Version 2.11
    08/11/2009 size: 1,2 Mbt Update of the program.
      Fit the bugs of beta version.
  • Version 2.11 beta
    08/04/2009 size: 1,3 Mbt Update of the program.
      New feature. Options "Touch found Source files" and "Touch Destination files" have been added. This allows you to change the dates of the files "Last access", "Creation", "Last write" to "Now". New feature. The "Find" dialog for has been changed to the new "Find" panel with additional options: "Highlight all", "Mark all Highlighted" and MarkBar for highlighted text. New feature. The time format in the log files has been changed from "HH:MM:SS" to "HH:MM:SS.MS". New feature. The Manager of errors now collects a critical errors which cause crash of the program. The Manager reads such errors from the "System Event Viewer" and adds to the report of errors during the next restart of the program. Fixed bug. "Save Subfolders structure" option should be always selected by default for "Copy" or "Move" modes. Fixed bug. "Delete Empty Folders" option always should be unselected in the "Report" mode. Fixed bug. The buttons on toolbar did not updates correctly after adding/deleting item in the "Kept List". Fixed bug. The option "Show detailed" do not restores own state after reloading of the program. Fixed bug. After closing "Kept Folder Attributes" dialog the option "Use following date for each file" mixed up "Last Access" and "Last write (modification)". Fixed bug. If the "Kept Folder" path is H:\ and then you set up a ignore of "H:\FolderToIgnore", the files in that directory will NOT be ignored. This is because the files scanned will have a double path, e.g. "H:\\FolderToIgnore" which doesn't match "H:\FolderToIgnore".
  • Version 2.10
    05/11/2009 size: 1,3 Mbt Update of the program.
      New feature. Support Masks of Files for "Ignored Files and Folders" List. New feature. The new menu "Stop All", "Run All", "Disable/Enable All" have been added. New feature. The information from the Logs can be copied to the clipboard. Fixed bug. If "Enter Registration code" window already opened, sometimes pop up window "About" closes program without attempt to enter registration code. Fixed bug. The program did not restarts after entering registration code. Fixed bug. Move&Zip mode: the file not moved if archive file size is the bigger than original file size. Now these files are moved without archiving. Fixed bugs. A few bugs was fixed for mode when the list of the job folders is a big (was testing for 100 jobs, everyone runs every 1 minute).
  • Version Converter 1.0
    03/22/2009 size: 316 Kbt Adding utility.
    Converter of settings for "Remove Old Files" application.
    Supports to switch from new version to the old.
  • Version 2.10 beta
    12/16/2008 size: 1,3 Mbt Update of the program.
      Chinese translation has been added. Special thanks to Xiongwei. New feature. The field "Description" of the task was added. New feature. Possibility of adding a new formats which used for generation of the names of output files. New feature. Removing a restriction of creating a few tasks with one source folder. Now such tasks to stand in a queue. New feature. The links to the support team was added. New feature. The memory manager was changed. New feature. The manager of errors has been added. Automatical generation of the bug reports and sending to the support team. Fixed bug. Shifting in the Statistics while scrolling page. Fixed bug. The thread not disposed when Kept Folder not exists or temporary inaccessible. Fixed bug. Wrong calculation of the disk size in the Statistics. Fixed bug. The file mask was case sensitive. Fixed bug. Memory leak in the some parts of the program.
  • Version 2.091
    01/12/2008 size: 1,05 Mbt Fit the bug.
      Fixed bug. Error occur every time when user stops service KeepServ.exe.
  • Version 2.09
    12/25/2007 size: 1,3 Mbt Update of the program.
      New feature. The notification about free disk space has been added. New feature. Checking updates on web site has been added. Fit the bugs of beta version.
  • Version 2.09 beta
    10/25/2007 size: 1,04 Mbt Update of the program.
      French translation has been corrected. Special thanks to Charly Labit.. New feature. Notification of events by sound and email. Fixed bug. False alarm about virus. Symantec Antivirus determine the program as a Bloodhound.Overpacked virus. Fixed bug. Access violation at address 004ACDAA in module RemoveFile.exe, when user move the cursor to the area under the column heading Settings. Fixed bug. The FileMask function works wrong. Fixed bug. Internal archivator cannot to archive files more than 2Gb. Now it don't trying to archive such files by internal archivator.
  • Version 2.08
    07/31/2007 size: 872 Kbt Update of the program.
      German translation has been added. (Beta version) French translation has been added. (Beta version) New feature. Support compound masks of files, for example:
      *.ABC.*; ??_new*.htm*  and etc.
      Fixed bug. Deleting of the Ignored folders if it's an empty folder.
  • Version 2.08 beta
    04/04/2007 size: 880 Kbt Update of the program.
      New feature. Search the files, which older than several minutes. New feature. The flag "Keep Subfolders structure" has been added. New feature. The flag "Purge if ALL the files in the working folder are old" has been added. DEP support. Refusal from the usage of the "coding\decoding of executable code" technology. Fixed bug. While reading log-files the program doesn't identify the time format for Italy: "HH.MM.SS"
  • Version 2.07
    12/21/2006 size: 971 Kbt Fit the bug.
      Fixed bug. Wrong working of a Scheduler in the "Purge at ..." mode.
  • Version 2.06
    11/27/2006 size: 969 Kbt Fit the bugs.
  • Version 2.06 beta
    11/15/2006 size: 969 Kbt Update of the program.
      Spanish translation has been added. Special thanks to Juan Carlos. New feature. The new mode "Report" has been added. New feature. The possibility of restriction of the quantity of simultaneous started jobs has been added. The jobs queue up and wait the working jobs' termination. Look "Settings > Additional > Start settings". Saving of settings occurs after each change. Before changes were saved after program exit.
  • Version 2.05
    07/18/2006 size: 1031 Kbt Update of the program.
      New feature. The possibility of change the priority of scan process has been added. See "Kept Folder Attributes > Additional > Process priority". New feature. Now can add folders to Ignore List. See "Kept Folder Attributes > Ignore > Select the ignored files and folders". Improved prepare of Log-files with the big sizes. Prepare of Statistics has been changed. Fixed bug. The "Stop" button don't stop the process of scan, but run a new process. The work with external archivators has been corrected.
  • Version 2.04
    05/17/2006 size: 1020 Kbt Update of the program.
      Support Windows 2003 Server. Support external archivators such as WinRAR, 7-Zip. Support shortcuts. Creating shortcut in the work folder instead of the moved file. New feature. Creating Help-file "Where are my old files?" in the work folder. Fixed bug. Wrong disposal of the application resources in the thread after scanning has done.
  • Version 2.03
    03/01/2006 size: 1006 Kbt Fit the bugs.
      Fixed bug. Errors "...The system cannot find the path specified." at the log-files have been corrected. Fixed bug. A Settings > Service > "Start service when close program" check button had not operated correctly (always started). Fixed bug. Access violation at address 004F3B3C in module 'RemoveFile.exe', when user click Shutdown Windows and Action Editor not closed.
  • Version 2.02
    01/31/2006 size: 1006 Kbt Update of the program.
      Old file Archiving mode has been added at a work folder. A possibility of occasionally deleted folders recreation has been added. A deletion/creation folders option has been added in the editor of element properties Kept List at choosing of Ignored Empty Folders. Displaying of Statistics by years has been added. In the editor of Kept List element properties few options have been changed. From Kept List toolbar few buttons have been removed. Fit the bugs.
  • Version 2.01
    11/15/2006 size: 980 Kbt Update of the program.
      Dutch translation has been added. Special thanks to Oscar Bauerhuit. A register unit has been added. At choosing of Ignored Empty Folders a multi select option has been added in the editor of element properties Kept List. Fit the bugs.
  • Version 2.00 demo
    05/26/2005 size: 667 Kbt New release of the program. Works as a service and application.
  • Version 1.03 beta
    03/10/2005 size: 247 Kbt Fit the bugs. Last freeware version.
    • Version 1.02 beta
      02/03/2004 size: 266 Kbt Fit the bugs.
    • Version 1.01 beta
      12/16/2003 size: 266 Kbt Update user interface.
    • Version 1.00
      09/10/2001 size: 305 Kbt The first release of the program.


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