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The program for clearing folders of old files, daily or monthly archiving old files. Transfers data to archive folders based on file creation, modification or last access date. Easily remove files over N-days old. 
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  Windows 95, 98,
  Windows ME,
  Windows NT,
  Windows 2000,
  Windows XP,
  Windows 2003,
  Windows Vista,
  Windows 2008,
  Windows 7,
  Windows 8
Version: 2.14 beta2
German, (beta)

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Estimated enhancement of program

Is short about its work


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Is short about its work:  

you choose a folder or disk, which want to clean from old files;
choose a type of the date (creation, updating, last access);
choose an operation:

delete old files immediately; 

delete old files and move them in Recycle Bin;

move old files to archive folder;

copy old files to archive folder;

archiving old files at the work folder;

report mode;

choose a files keep time (in minutes, hours, days, monthes or years);
set the additional options (ignored file list, archiving);
also start the program on scanning of files.

The scaning of folder purge at the time, which you choose at the scheduler:

purge every N-minutes or hours;
or purge by recure time;
and choose days of week when purge is enabled;


application can work as a clearing utility and as a system service of Windows NT\2000\XP\2003\Vista\2008\7\8;
program keeps up different languages;
allows to purge several different folders at once;
stores settings for each folder in particular;
creating shortcut in the work folder instead of the moved file;
it is possible to delete, copy, move, send to the Recyclebin or archiving the old files you’ve found;
while moving\copying files can be compressed by inserted archivator ZIP;
support external archivators such as WinRAR, 7-Zip;
every folder can have the list of files, ignored during the scan process;
it is possible to set the list of masks to search for files in the folder, for example: (*.jpg,*.bmp, *.tiff);
the time when file becomes old can be measured in days, weeks, months, and years;
clearing can be started every several minutes, hours or in particular time;
empty directories in scanned folders can be deleted;
files’ attribute “ReadOnly” can be ignored;
clearing schedule can be set in scheduler or started the scanning by hand;
list of stored folders can be saved on the disk or downloaded from the disk, and work with a current list of working folder;
all the program actions are taken down to the files of logs;
with the help of files of logs it is possible to look when and what file was relocated, and recover it at the previous place;
statistics of actions over files is run by days and months – with its help you can recognize how much place on the disk is occupied by working folders and how much you’ve saved while archivating the files.

Estimated enhancement of program

Change the priority of scan process.
Report mode. Search for the old files without actions.
Queue to run jobs. The possibility of restriction of the quantity of one-time running jobs.
Search the files, which older than several minutes.
Support messages to administrator by sound and email. About begin/finish of scan folders, about critical size of disk, and etc.
Able to have each job's log file emailed (or zipped and emailed) at job completion
Statistics print
Statistics accounting: search the bigest and smallest folders on disks, how often and what use folders and etc.
Console application mode.

If any thoughts or wishes about improvement of an application appeared, send them to my email: This was the way of how I was suggested a lot of interesting ideas about the program improvement.

If you want to see the program on your native language, I would gladly keep you up. The program is set to support different languages. You should only translate the text file Language\English.txt (~30 Kb) from English and sent it to me. A new language with your translation will appear in the next versions.


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