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The program for removing FrontPage garbage. 
Version 1.0
   size: 180 Kbt  Fit the bugs. Update interface.
Version 1.0 beta
   size: 185 Kbt  The first release of program.

This program deletes auxiliary folders, which creates FrontPage at work with a site. For example: '_private', '_vti_cnf', '_vti_pvt'...

When you create a new web folder, FrontPage automatically creates a hidden folders for different options. When you finished web site and used simply html, this hidden folders can be removed.

Microsoft FrontPage creates this folders for a web:

  • The _private folder for storing form results and any other files that you want to keep hidden from site visitors browsing your web.
  • The _vti_cnf and _vti_pvt folders for freely navigation. Probably ;)

Please, before removing folders, read the FrontPage Help to be sure - what you remove.

You can use this program for removing folders with any name from your disk.



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