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12/26/2009 First release of program. 

License: Freeware
Version: 1.00
Size: 1.3 Mbt

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The game field is a square 9x9, where balls in different colors appear frequently. The goal is to clean maximum numbers of lines of arranged balls of same color (five or more). Player can move every ball, if there is a path (linked set of vertical and horizontal empty cells) between the current position of the ball and the desired destination. When a line of five or more balls in same color is arranged (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) it disappears.

Unlike other similar games "Yin Yang Lines" is played by two players. Players go by turns. If the balls are removed from one player then in the same places they also removed for another player and without scoring points. The game continues until there are vacant seats on the field at least for one of the players. The one who got more points is a winner.

You can play with your friends or with a computer.
Wait the next release for playing in network mode.





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