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Version:  1.02   size: 1.4 Mbt

01/03/2006 Fit the bug.  
09/30/2002 Fit the bugs.  
04/01/2002 The first release of program. Game contains 5 levels with 20 game rooms everyone. Additional levels will appear later. Wait updates of the game.

Greensy is a green man, and wabe is... It's... To be true I also have not understood it myself. Probably you've already combined this word from "Alice...". Greensy in the wabe is a remake of the game Boulder DASH.

In the game all things are subordinate to the strict laws - diamonds and stones fall only downwards, if they are not held by something. You can blow all alive creatures up if you throw on them something hard and heavy for example a stone or a diamond. There are very simple rules for each hero, but behind them you can find dangerous and wonderful world.

To get into the following room you should pick few diamonds up, which are sometimes hidden up over a thickest walls. Stupid murderers run around and detonate when the man is achieved, and when there are lots of this murderers you should be a tough guy to stand out. There are also mysterious butterflies, flame, water balls and magma that increases as it wishes, and something else. Wonderful possibilities are hidden behind meaning simplicity...

To tell the truth it seems to be a game for children (then can develop both dexterity and fast thinking) but as I can remember even my dad couldn't interrupt playing this game just like me. 

Free distributable only says that you do not have to pay for copying or re-distributing the unregistered version of the program. You are allowed to test this product for 30 starts.

Benefits of a registered version are great!

  • You are allowed to use your copy without restrictions of starts.
  • There are 100 levels  insted of only 20.
  • All features are unlocked in the builder and game. This means that you can finally play the levels you have created!
  • You can play your own levels or ones found on the Internet(eg. at website of a game homepage).
  • Finally see all objects in action! Fire, Nuts and Water Ball are not found in the shareware rooms.
  • The reminder about of the program registration doesn't pop up every time you quit the game.
  • You are supporting the shareware concept of try-before-buy.


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