Remove Old Files About | History | Download | Screenshots   

The program for clearing folders of old files, daily or monthly archiving old files. Transfers data to archive folders based on file creation, modification or last access date. Easily remove files over N-days old. more...


Yin Yang Lines About game | Download  

One more version of the popular game "Lines".
Unlike other similar games "Yin Yang Lines" is played by two players.
You can play with your friends or with a computer. more...


Greensy in the wabe About game | Download | Screenshots  

Greensy in the wabe is a remake of the BoulderDash game with many new features. The game has colorful, fast DirectX graphic and good sound... Try to play and you will understand quickly rules of this interesting game!  more...


Logic About game | Download  

A logic game. The game has got two modes: a single mode (a computer places and hides chesspieces for you) and a network mode...  more...



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